2019 MARC Officers

The Pride of the Florida Panhandle

President:      Robert Speser – NB8S  

    Vice President:    Chuck Strnad –  N4QEP

Secretary:     Terry Quinlan – W4LRC

Nelda “Cookie” Strnad – N4YGS


Chuck Meyer – KC3H 

Terry Hartwell – KK4WTW

Larry Carpenter – K4LWC


Hamfest Chairperson:  Chuck Strnad – N4QEP

Assistant Hamfest Chairperson:  Nelda “Cookie” Strnad – N4YGS

Field Day Coordinator:  Terry Hartwell KK4WTW

Repeater Chairperson: Robert Speser – NB8S

W4VIY Club Call Custodian:  Robert Speser – NB8S

Club Historian & Webmaster:   Robert E. Perry 
– W5CL

Club  Registered Agent:   Robert Speser – NB8S 

Net Manager:   Robert E. Perry – W5CL 

Sunshine Coordinator: Chuck Meyer – KC3H

We need more Volunteers to help out in other projects. If you feel you have the time and want to see the club grow and expand be a proud member and Volunteer!